Idaho Department of Labor


Technologies Employed
  • Large Scale Research
  • Brand & Message Positioning
  • Public Launch Collateral
  • Brand Identity
  • Brandscape Communication Directive
  • Pre-Launch Website
  • Pre-Launch Sales Kit
  • Public Relations

The rebranding of manufacturing.

Range was asked to create messaging that could help the public understand and support the mission and vision of what the possibilities would be for a unique manufacturing educational venue as an extension of high school curriculums. Research conducted by Range revealed that the term “manufacturing” had negative connotations. Instead the term “technical education” was used for naming and referring to education type at the new school. 

Proudly Made In Idaho

Research conducted by Range determined to gain support from the public the messaging would need to reflect and enforce local Idahoan’s pride of independence, community, and hard work ethic. The campaign needed to  position the jobs created as higher end career paths worthy of their children and grandchildren.

What We Delivered


Research Based Messaging Needed For Public Support