Kristin Collum


Technologies Employed
  • IP Address Geo Targeting
  • A/B Voter Targeted Messaging
  • Pre-Roll and OTT Video
  • Television
  • Online Video
  • Animated OnlineAds
  • Social Media Ads

Kristin Collum came to Range for help during the final phase of her campaign.

Her team was not feeling that their campaign was effective enough and needed a big final push. Range jumped into high gear and utilized existing campaign assets and created video spots and a series of online ads, placing the media into her target demos’ homes with IP and Geo targeting, resulting in 2,800,000 video and online ad impressions.

Impactful Video

This spot was custom scripted  and produced to finish quality in 3 days utilizing existing images, stock b-roll footage, custom voiceover, a newly update branding for Kristin, and went on air / online in 4 days.

What We Delivered


Households IP Targeted


30 Second Spots Aired


Impressions Served