Coeur d’Alene School District

2012 to 2023

Technologies Employed
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Newsprint Media
  • Newsprint Ads
  • Multi-Tiered Data Driven Direct Mailing
  • Absentee Voter Pre-Targeting & Chasing
  • Poster & Handout Creation
  • Memes & Online Video

Informing voters about education in Idaho is a need, not a want.

The team at Range has helped to navigate the political waters and Idaho laws to inform the public on school funding elections. Without passing voter approved levies and bonds, which make up around 25% of operations and 100% of new buildings, the public education would surely suffer immense harm generations to come. Range has a 100% success rate for levy and bond informational marketing over the last decade.

Targeted Messaging

Different voters have different motivational buttons. In marketing for school districts or city/fire elections the message must be factual and not urging a vote for or against. We do however target the message’s content, who it gets delivered to and how to be as on target as possible.

Impactful Video

This spot was custom scripted and produced to answer a common question from focus groups and delivered in a unique format that mimics online chat conversations. This spot was part of a series of spots answering the most common questions from voters in order to educate the voters on both the levy and bond election.

30 Second Radio Spot

What We Delivered


Targeted Mailer Impressions


Average Yes Vote %


Yes Votes