Dan English


Technologies Employed
  • Micro-Geo Addressable Targeting
  • A/B Voter Targeted Messaging
  • Targeted Direct Mailer Campaign
  • Predictive Absentee Vote Mailers
  • Animated OnlineAds
  • Social Media Ads
  • Billboards
  • Yard Signs
  • Post Cards

Dan English’s back to back wins for city council are in part thanks to a very targeted campaign using a limited budget.

Dan English has been working with Range as his marketing partner for two campaigns seasons to first define who and where his voters are and second to develop the messaging and media plans to squeeze out every vote from a very small pool of off-election voters in Coeur d’Alene’s City Elections. Dan, being an ex-county elections official is very astute at compiling data on voters and working closely with Range we were able to use his data skills to the very fullest for his back to back election wins.

Targeted Online Ad Messaging

For Dan’s campaign, there were two ad campaigns created for two different types of voters. One campaign was targeted to families and one campaign was targeted to an older set of voters. The online ads were targeted to inside voter’s home on all phones, pads and computers via micro-geofencing technology.

What We Delivered


Targeted Postcards Mailed


animated ads to voter households


Impressions Served