Cory English


Technologies Employed
  • Database IP Targeting
  • A/B Voter Targeted Messaging
  • Targeted Direct Mailer Campaign
  • Predictive Absentee Vote Mailers
  • Variable Data Direct Mail
  • Branding
  • Animated Online Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Yard Signs
  • Direct Mail Cards
  • Newsprint Ads
  • Video Production

Cory English hired Range to help with her campaign for Idaho Senate. A tall order for a Democrat in red, red Idaho. 

While Cory did not win the election she did change the minds of many voters. Her campaign was focused on a few very favorable items in the voters minds; education, healthcare & protecting public lands. While delivering a large campaign with very targeted messaging, the voting electorate in Kootenai County is staunchly republican and having that “D” behind her name on the ballot in a large voter turnout election was more than the campaign could overcome. Along the way Cory was able to shift the conversation and election to the topics she ran on. Medicaid expansion did end up passing with the voters of Idaho through an initiative.

Targeted Online Ad Messaging

For Cory’s campaign, there were online ads targeted to inside voter’s home on all phones, pads and computers via micro-geofencing technology. Ad messaging was changed depending on the voter’s history, affiliation and political leanings.

What We Delivered


Targeted Postcards Mailed


animated ads to voter households


Impressions Served